Welcome to Witch Hat Productions!

Witch Hat Productions is the label of Samantha "Tata" Calthrop and Luke Sophia Watson, a pair of nerds from Cork, Ireland.We make illustrated open-world settings and rulesets for tabletop RPGs. We also publish our own original fiction and comics.In short, we're two kids at heart who love to tell stories. Feel free to join us for the ride.

Our Games

Designer Dragon

Itch / DriveThruRPG

Designer Dragon is a rules light TTRPG system designed for and by kids. It allows you to play quick and easy games with those who might not be ready for more advanced RPG systems, and though it's primarily designed for kids, the rules presented here can also be used for groups less familiar with tabletop roleplaying systems! All that's needed is a few D6s, this book and an imagination! Designer Dragon also has its own character sheets, which are available for download separetely so you can print one off for each of your players.Designer Dragon uses a 2d6 system with only a handful of rules that mainly serve to guide the collaborative storytelling. Easily accessible and with a simple character creation system, you can have a game up and running in only a few minutes!

Spittlewick's: A Witchy RPG

Itch / DriveThruRPG

Fenton Spittlewick's Academy of Witchcraft is a magical college attended by young witches still learning the basics of magic. Enter the great hall and learn which house you belong to to start attending classes at the world's finest magical school! (And don't worry: it's all-inclusive, non-segregated and there are plenty of bathrooms.) Fenton Spittlewick's Academy of Witchcraft is a lighthearted setting all about learning magic and living in the strange and fantastical world of its titular academy. In this book, you'll find a description of the Academy's six Houses, along with its facilities and staff members; there's even adventure hooks if you're looking to set an RPG here. We've even provided a personality quiz to tell you which House you belong to!

Maximum Light

Itch / DriveThruRPG

Maximum Light is a Tabletop RPG set in the universe of The Green Horizon and Voiders. Intended for playing space-western campaigns, it outlines some of the key locations and principles for telling stories in the setting, as well as a set of rules for making characters and playing the game. It's a 4d12 system where success will cause you to build up Consequences, and Consequences will explode into Cataclysms if not kept in check. Themed around the traditional ragtag group of down-on-their-luck spacefarers, the rules of Maximum Light are roleplay-heavy and designed for you to scrape out of danger by the skin of your teeth.

Other Publications

Aster & Delphinium

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Aster & Delphinium is a webcomic illustrated and written by Samantha Calthrop. It follows the story of an ancient magical prophecy, and the guy whose job it is to spend his whole life waiting for it to come true so he can help the hero.

Golden Shadows

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Golden Shadows is a sci-fi/fantasy comic about crime and vigilante justice in a strange and mystical space Empire. It's written and illustrated by Luke Sophia Watson.

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