Welcome to Witch Hat Productions!

Witch Hat Productions is the label of Samantha "Tata" Calthrop and Luke Sophia Watson, a pair of nerds from Cork, Ireland. Between us, we make everything from tabletop RPG games to graphic novels.

In short, we're two people who love to tell stories together. Feel free to join us on the ride.

Witch Hat Games

We make original open-world settings, playtested homebrew content for D&D 5e, and original TTRPG games. The best way of keeping up with our games work is via the Witch Hat Patreon, or by viewing our finished works on our itch.io page.

Aster & Delphinium

Aster & Delphinium is a webcomic illustrated and written by Samantha Calthrop. It's been updating weekly since 2019, and is due to conclude in 2022.

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